July 7, 2008

Yo-ho-ho! A Pirate Party!

Someone mentioned that I hadn't done a lot of kids parties on the blog. It's true - children are but a mystery to me. Apparently they like parties as much (if not more than) adults. Who knew? ;)

I've opted for a pirate party as it's something that kids both young and old can relate to. Pirate parties are an excellent idea for summer - especially if you have access to a pool. If you're looking to get a peg leg up on a Halloween Party or fall birthday party, here's some inspiration.

Row 1: The tattoo style handwriting is the icing on this (cup)cake. On second thought, maybe it's best to leave those pirates uninvited (via flickr user kk+). A pirate eye-patch comes with this watercolor treasure map invitation.

Row 2: This skull and crossbones pirate hat party invitation is sure to get your guests excited for a fun p-arr-ty! Don't let the harsh sea winds damage skin and lips - protect yourself (or treat guests) with this adorable Sea Maiden body spray and lip balm. When I think of a pirate party, I think of wooden swords - safety minded parents may not agree!

Row 3: Hide small treasure chests filled with booty as an end of party favor hunt. Ladies of the high seas can send their invitations in style with this "jolly rogerette" stamp. Seal favours with a pirate map sticker personalized with your greeting.

If you're looking for more pirate party inspiration, Kim Vallee also has some great party decor ideas and inspiration. Check it out!