August 15, 2008

Friday Linkfest: LOVE IT!

It must be my impending 25th birthday that has me all excited about parties! From decor to favors I am quickly maxing out my bookmarks folder. Here are some party ideas that have been inspiring me lately:

Things I Like

- Artfool has a blog. I am in love with it. [via once wed]
- It's too bad my birthday is in the fall. I love the bright colors of these lollipop flowers.
- Goodie bags - specifically this photobooth toy bag!
- How sweet are these felt and card stock gift tags? They would make sweet favor tags.
- Fabric banners are always fun and, if you have a sewing machine, super easy to make!

I'm off to finish up a few projects and work on the inspiration board for next week's super spectacular Wedding Wednesday. Rebecca and I have received a few boards and they are AMAZING so far. Definitely some stiff competition for the two of us!