August 21, 2008

Special Thanks to One of Our Special Guests

Hey Everyone! I'm out of commission today as I recover from having my wisdom teeth pulled (ow). I'll be back into the full swing of things by Monday. If you sent me a message board, rest assured I will be posting it upon my return.

I wanted to take the time to highlight one of the WW inspiration boards that meant a lot to both Rebecca and myself. We (well, Rebecca, technically) approached Kathryn of Snippet & Ink and invited her to do a board for us. There are a lot of great wedding bloggers out there and I think Kathryn's work is some of the best. I have no idea how she is able to pull off such consistently amazing work - EVERY. DAY. So we were thrilled when she accepted.

Above are some of my favourite images from her board which you can find over at Tastefully Entertaining. Kathryn, once again, thank you for being our special guest!

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