August 20, 2008

Stationer Inspiration Board: Noteworthy

This post comes to us from Julie of Noteworthy Collection. Julie handles the blogging for Noteworthy and has been doing a fabulous job! She really nailed the theme of our Wedding Wednesday post. I love that she gave this a seaside spin!

Blue, White and Teal Seaside Beach Wedding Anniversary

Julie says:
"When I saw the card and the color palette, I immediately thought of a beach wedding. Specifically, a beach wedding for people who grew up at the beach and had no interest in palm trees, flip flops or any other beach themes . . . laid back people who didn’t want a formal invitation or tuxedos but wanted a lovely palette of blues, neutrals and white. I love the “spirograph” pattern in the lining of the envelope. It has the same modern feel as the Plain Jane & Gregory self-inking stamper – gorgeous in its modern simplicity. So I altered the stamp to reflect the beach where I grew up."
Thanks so much, Julie! Be sure to check out Julie's blog for more event inspiration!

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