August 8, 2008

Wild for Wildflowers

I've been meaning to do a post around this lovely kate spade wedding invitation since I first laid eyes upon it. I figured it would be a little challenging since it's so colorful. I love the way the bright pinks and oranges are toned down slightly with the addition of deep greens, yellows, reds and a hint of gold. Just lovely!

Wild Flower Party / Wedding Theme

-I lucked out in finding this amazing handmade crochet necklace.
-Filling vases with cranberries adds color and visual interest to your arrangements
-A glimmering, golden dress makes for perfect party attire [via junebug]
-Um, did I mention how much I like these boutonnières?
-I grew up next to a farm so I suppose I selected this picture partly for sentimental reasons.

-A lovely bouquet
-Southern Weddings features some of the most gorgeous weddings around. I loved the centerpiece from this post.
-I love these adorable pom-poms on this vintage VW [martha]

-My inspiration for this post...
-...sandwiched between two beautiful images from Rebecca Thuss

I used a lot of wedding images for this post, but I was actually trying to take it more in the direction of a formal party. I think it's well suited for late summer or fall given the palate, which is reminiscent of an autumn sunset.