October 9, 2008

50th Anniversary in Gold & Brown

Pink Preppy Party Girl left me a sweet comment yesterday stating "...my parents are having a 50th party. I would love some inspiration from you. Gold and brown is one direction but would love your creative touch including invitation suggestions". Always happy to help, I put together this inspiration board for a glamourous golden anniversary, complete with deep chocolates, brilliant bronzes and glimmering golds.

Gold and Brown 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Inspiration Board

Row 1:
- iced coffee frappe with cotton candy
- an outdoor affair with hints of gold and brown
- ivory and gold dress with bolero
- ecru invitation with brown and gold sash

Row 2:
- individual chocolate-espresso charlottes
- embossed brown and cream card with golden ribbon
- a handsome suit & tie with stripes of gold
- chocolate-champagne truffles in sparkling sugar

Row 3:
- Ferrero Rocher cupcakes and candies
- don't forget the champagne!
- an enticing entree set upon a pretty plate
- brown and copper details at the Detroit Athletic Club
- ruffled fontaine dress

Row 4:
- espresso invitation with gold engraving
- brown taffeta party dress
- give gifts of gold such as a pair of shining woodland candlesticks, etched golden "sweetie" bowl or artisan honey
- brown satin linens with bronze chargers

I love the look of gold and brown and think it is a very classy combination for such a momentous occasion. Still, for those that would prefer another color pairing, consider any of the following:

Gold & White
Gold & Blue
Gold & Ivory
Gold & Green
Gold & Teal
Gold & Pink

If you're stuck on a party theme or just need a little bit of inspiration, feel free to email or comment and I will do what I can to help you plan the perfect party. Cheers!