October 16, 2008

Modern Mama Baby Shower: Reader Request

Reader Liz emailed with a total dilemma - what to do when you're hosting a baby shower and the honoree is far from traditional? "[She's] very modern. No pastels, no neutrals... nothing traditional. ...she wants something bold and different". After a quick Q&A session, we decided that a palate of red and black with touches of white would be perfect for a stylish shower for a modern mama!


- Here Comes Trouble! shower invitation
- a bouquet of fresh florals for the table top
- handmade red and white tote [via etsy]
- delicious red cake stand
- couture cupcakes from the talented Kylie Lambert
- a bold bib and wooden teething ring make modern gifts for baby
- pair red table linens with white chairs for a stylish shower

Liz, I hope this helps! Party predicament? Wedding worries? Send an email or leave a comment and I'll do what I can!