November 12, 2008

Gratitude 101

Whether you want to thank someone for a gift, a meal or for being a good host, sending a thank you note is an excellent way to convey your appreciation. Here are a few tips on how to express your gratitude graciously:

  • Invest in quality stationery: Receiving a handwritten note in the mail is such a delight and for the note to be written on a beautiful note or flat card makes the experience extra special
  • Always date your note: If something happens at the postal office to delay its delivery, the date on your note will ensure your recipient appreciates your promptness
  • Make the recipient feel truly appreciated: It's easy to scribe something quickly to get the social job done, but a well thought-out message will make a lasting impression
    • Start by thanking the recipient for their gift or service
    • Next, be sure to tell the recipient why the gift or service made such an impression on you—was the sweater exactly what you had been looking for? Was your host especially accommodating in some way (for example, stocking your room with sweet smelling toiletries)?
    • Close the letter by reinforcing your gratitude

Thank you note to a host:

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for the immense hospitality you and your family offered us on our recent visit to Cape May. You provided us with every comfort of home and we are especially appreciative of the time you took to give us a tour of the region. It was so nice to see the area through the eyes of a local.

Again, we really had a wonderful time on our visit and appreciate you opening your home to us. We would love to return the favor if you decide to vacation in Charlotte.

Warm regards,

Thank you note for a gift:

Dear Aunt Eloise,

Thank you for the beautiful sweater. I received it in the mail yesterday and it was such a lovely surprise. I adore the soft shade of purple—you really have impeccable taste.

Again, I appreciate the wonderful birthday gift. I can’t wait to be able to wear it this fall.

Your niece,

Thank you for a favor:

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for helping us move into our new home last weekend. It was so helpful to have someone to help Joe carry in all of our living room furniture—we couldn’t have done it without you and really appreciate the time you took to assist us.

The Kells Family