December 29, 2008

Momma Mondays: How to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

The last days of December can be a rather melancholy time for tots and teens alike. The months proceeding the Holidays are such an exciting whirlwind of activity. With each day filled with numerous preparations and the anticipation of gatherings and gifts galore, it’s only natural that one might feel a bit glum at the prospect of it all being over again until next year.

Children can be especially sensitive to the sudden change in activity level. Here are a few ways to gently wean your child from the Holiday commotion and lead him/her into a New Year filled with good cheer.

1. Host a Post-Holiday Bash
Ask your guests to bring their favorite Holiday gift for a short show-and-tell activity. Children will love the opportunity to show their friends what they received.

2. Visit a Children’s’ Museum or Aquarium
This is a particularly great activity for the time your children have off in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

3. Plan a Movie Day
Whether you host a screening in your own home and invite all your child’s friends, or you take the family to the theater, watching a film made for the big screen is a great indoor activity that is sure to add some excitement to your day.

4. Take a Day Trip
Make it a mini-road trip about 1-2 hours away. Fill your car with all the traveling goodies like your child’s favorite candy, soda and tunes. Have them help you select the destination, and take the day to enjoy each other’s company.

5. Visit a Local Attraction
Check your community board or city council Web site to find out what’s happening in your town. You may be able to attend a nearby festival, hear a local band or participate in a family art class.