December 15, 2008

Momma Mondays: Teaching Your Child the Gift of Giving

To give is better than to receive. But how does one teach their child this important life lesson amid the "I want it now" culture in which we live? One way to plant the giving seed in your child is to start with someone that gives so much to them already: a teacher.
  • Recruit your child to find the perfect gift for his or her teacher by asking them a few key questions. Selecting a gift with these things in mind will teach your child to make thoughtful gift choices:
    • Does your teacher have a favorite color?
    • Is there something he or she talks about liking a lot (favorite sports team, candy or pattern?)
    • Is there anything he or she talks about needing more of (supplies)?
  • Next, ask your child to help you wrap the gift and have him write a note to his teacher explaining why he chose the gift.
  • Consider delivering the gift with your child after the school day is done. Though gifts are great, they can be an interruption during class and may get in the way of a morning routine.
Your child's teacher is sure to be pleasantly surprised by a gift that is personalized to his/her tastes and interests, and a delighted reaction is just the positive reinforcement your child needs to fully grasp (and continue) the gift of giving.

Afraid your gift won't make the grade? Here are a few presents that are sure to please:

Teacher's Gifts

Clockwise from top left: