December 1, 2008

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Photo Card Tips

Tips for taking a flawless holiday photo:
  • The digital camera you use to take your photo should be at least 3 megapixels (this means that a camera phone will generally not suffice).
  • Make sure that your camera is set to the highest quality setting.
  • Make sure your camera’s digital zoom feature is turned off before taking a photo.
  • If you are scanning an already printed photo, set the resolution of your scanner to 300 DPI or higher.
  • Consider how your photo size and shape will correspond with the photo card design.
  • Capturing your child’s personality is really the key. Choose a clear, vivid photo with good lighting and make sure the background is free of clutter.
  • Always, always order extras. Inevitably, you’ll remember someone you forgot to account for after you place your order. It is so much easier to have a few cards left over after the Holiday season than to place a second order with no time to spare.
  • Read your camera’s manual to learn more about how to create the best print-quality photo.
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