January 26, 2009

Momma Mondays: Soulmates for Tiny Toes

While out on one of my weekly Marshalls shopping adventures I stumbled across a pair of the most darling baby girl shoes. Stitched out of a soft cable knit sweater material, the slippers were the palest shade of pink and had a dainty brown velvet bow on each rounded, Mary-Jane style toe. *sigh* They were really lovely, and I knew the perfect gal to wear them; my friend's 3 month-old daughter, Sophie. With a name full of such sweet classical elegance, it was as if this shoe was destined to be worn by her tiny toes. Needless to say, I purchased the shoes and presented her with them yesterday.

As you can see, baby shoes are a real weakness of mine. Thick socks would do just as good of a job keeping those tiny toes toasty, but these shoes fashioned especially for petite piggies are just too cute to pass up (I actually just purchased the tot-sized boat shoes for my little tyke):

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