January 14, 2009

Super Bowl Activity for the Gals

Today I’ll be taking a break from our regularly scheduled wording Wednesday to bring you a party idea for Super Bowl Sunday.

I’ve noticed an interesting pattern from the Super Bowl parties I’ve attended in the past. Each year it seems that the guests inevitably split into two groups—and it has nothing to do with opposing teams. While the boys settle in around the big screen, the girls eventually retire to the kitchen, popping in occasionally when a good commercial catches their attention.

Of course, this isn’t the norm for every female, but for all you gals who would rather chit-chat than cheer-on one team or the other, I present you with an activity to pass the time surrounding the half-time performance.

If you’re in your mid-twenties or older, chances are that you may have a new group of friends besides those you attended high school with, which means they most likely do not know much about those formative years of your life. The following show-and-tell style activity is a great way relive a few of your favorite moments from your younger days while sharing a little known fact about yourself with your new pals.

  • Before the party, ask your friends to bring along something that dates to their high school days which holds a certain significance to them—this might be a concert ticket, old uniform, memorable photos or things of that nature. Tell them to be sure the object is concealed (these stylish hat boxes from Moonrock Paper work nicely).
  • Once the gals are settled in around the kitchen table, have each person write a short fact about their high-school years on a place card w/envelope —this fact should pertain to the object they brought with them. Then, have each girl place her card into a decorative bowl like this one from Macy's.
  • Pass the bowl around the circle of friends having each person select a card. Take turns reading the card out-loud and have your friends guess to which party guest the memory belongs. Each guest should elaborate a bit on their memories and share the object the brought along.

You’ll be surprised to see who was a jock, or maybe a closet punk-rocker. Regardless, the laughter this activity is sure to induce may just intrigue the boys enough to pull them away from the game—during a commercial break at the very least.

Superbowl Activity for the Gals

* Purple cocktail image from AK enterprises
** Vintage concert tickets from Eil.com