February 23, 2009

Momma Mondays: Shamrock Party & Scavenger Hunt

With St. Patrick's day just a few weeks away, now's the time to begin planning a festive shamrock party for your little leprechauns. Here's a green-themed inspiration board to get your creative juices flowing, as well as an idea for a fun and festive St. Patty's party activity that the kids are sure to enjoy:

St. Patrick's Day Party for Kids

Pot of Gold Scavenger Hunt:

1. Purchase a black bowl or dig out a black cauldron from your Halloween party collection and fill it with these golden wrapped chocolates from Lindt.

2. Hide the candy filled cauldron in your back yard.

3. Using green construction paper, make 3 – 5 clue cards. Each clue card should lead the children to the next clue card and eventually to the pot of gold. An example of a good clue card location would be beneath a bird house. The clue to lead the children there could be "A little bird makes her home here.”

4. Print and cut out 10 – 12 clip art rainbows and use them to make a trail from the last clue location to the pot of “gold.” The last clue should read “follow the rainbow to a pot of gold and share it with your friends.”

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