March 30, 2009

"C" is for Cookie!

After posting our reader request inspiration board for a coral and brown anniversary party, we received a new inspiration board request from For Your Inspiration:

"I wanted to ask your advice on a birthday party I'm planning for my daughter's 2nd birthday...the party theme is Sesame Street, but I don't want it to be saturated with Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster. I want it to be classy and personal, not cartoon-y and commercial. Is that possible?"

I do believe that you can host a classy birthday party for your daughter without crossing the line into commercialization. Just use a few character touches here and there and keep the rest of the party simple and sweet. Here is an inspiration board built around Sesame Street's Cookie Monster:

"C" is for Cookie!

  • Set the tone for a fun and modern party with this cookie monster colored dot invitation by Inviting Company (title the invitation "C" is for Cookie for more character) --
  • Place a snuggly plush cookie monster on each child's chair with a cellophane favor bag full of these chocolate chip cookies and a card printed with your favorite cookie recipe. Tie the bag off with a blue ribbon and a matching tag that says "'C'" is for Cookie" -- Boyds Bears, Saks Fifth Avenue &
  • Set up a cookie filled dessert buffet featuring these cookies that are personalized with your daughter's first initial -- Rolling Pin Productions