March 27, 2009

Friday Linkfest

My 1-year-old and I just finished up our Friday dance fest -- a morning ritual at our house. We turn on VH1 and cut a rug to whatever video is playing at the moment. We waltz to the slow songs and move our feet to the beat of the newest pop hits. I love to hear his little giggles at my attempt to find rhythm and it's pretty hysterical to watch him perfect his only dance move, "the squat."

Now that I'm completely energized and feeling utterly jazzed that it's Friday (Hooray for the weekend!), it's time to get down to business and share some of the blogosphere highlights from this past week:
  • Donna over at Party Wishes put together an amazing Slumber Party. Don't be surprised if you see it all over the Web by the end of the week!
  • One day I'll live in a cute cottage like this one from My Sweet Savannah. I'll take walks to the beach, lay in the hammock out back and drink sweet tea while my babies play in the peony garden. I think I'll take the gray one with the pink flowers...perfection!
  • I need to print out and post these four rules for the anxious hostess to my fridge. Thanks to Mix Mingle Glow!
  • Need some morning eye-candy? These fun and flirty pink wedding photos on The Wedding Chicks are super sweet!
Have a fun-filled weekend!

* image courtesy of UGA Swing Club.