March 5, 2009

Present Perfection

I have slight obsession with creating a perfectly wrapped gift. Each year at Christmas, my father would sit down at the kitchen table to wrap the gifts for our grandparents and for my mom. Our paper collection was full of snowflakes, Santas and other festive patterns. He was very particular about folding the corners correctly and matching up the patterns along the seam lines.

When I married into my husband’s family (also present perfectionists), I was introduced into the world of metallic papers and sparkly ribbons. Photos of the presents piled up under their tree could literally have fallen from the pages of a Better Homes and Garden Holiday issue.

After being schooled in their wrapping techniques, I decided it was time to find my own style. If there is one thing that has always bothered me, it's the waste associated with wrapping paper—all that hard work is ruined with the unwrapping. Enter my love for these decorative boxes from Moonrock Paper Company. Not only are the company’s products tree-free, they also work as a gift within a gift and can be used as unique storage solutions for nurseries, laundry areas and powder rooms. I usually purchase a few of the boxes in descending sizes and stack them. Each box holds a different portion of the gift, wrapped in tissue paper. For a fabulous finishing touch, tie a wide, color-coordinated satin ribbon in a bow at the top to hold the stack together.