April 15, 2009

Motif Symbolism

At FineStationery.com you can personalize a multitude of cards and invitations with one of many motifs. The motif collection is different for each stationery designer, but the meanings behind the motifs remain fairly the same. Here are a few of our most popular motifs and the meanings behind each symbol.

Have you used one of these motifs around your house, on stationery or on an invitation? If not, is there a particular motif that you prefer?

: friendship and hospitality

Fleur de Lis: Depiction of a lily, associated with the French, also symbolizes purity, wisdom & valor

diligence, virtue, purity, royalty, community

Wheat Sheaf: shows that the harvest of the bearer's hopes is secured, also symbolizes commendable hospitality and plenty

*Bee and Pineapple motif from the Crane & Co. collection. Fleur de Lis and Wheat Sheaf available from Prentiss Douthit at FineStationery.com.