April 8, 2009

A Sunny Mother's Day Luncheon

Can you believe that Mother's Day is just a month away? I have a habit of getting so caught up in Easter preparations that this fabulous holiday sneaks up on me -- but not this year!

Mother's Day functions are usually full of floral patterns in pink and lavender -- I guess this is because mothers are supposed to be soft, sweet and of course ultra-feminine. I've been blessed with a mother who exemplifies all these lovely qualities, but the thing that most defines her is her sunny disposition and positive outlook on life. She has an incredibly refreshing attitude, which is why I've created this inspiration board for a yellow and citrus themed Mother's Day luncheon.

Mother's Day Luncheon
  • Use a cluster of painted flower pots and daisy planters as your centerpieces. At the end of the party, give each guest one of the planters as a party favor -- Martha Stewart
  • Print the Limoncello Cupcakes recipe out on this buttercup colored flat card by Vera Wang and set the stack on a counter for guests to take as they like -- FineStationery.com
  • Use this lace overlay, yellow card by Vera Wang as the invitation-- it's feminine, yet bright and sunny -- FineStationery.com
  • These lemon high tea cookies would be perfect with a cup of hot tea -- What's Cooking America