May 27, 2009

Classic Rock Party

Have you ever noticed how Father's Day commercials and advertisements almost always contain grilling and golf items? While I love a good barbecue picnic and preppy golfer attire, I'm not sure that all of the men in our lives can be placed in either the grilling or golfing categories alone.

My own father, for example, is a big fan of classic rock. I grew up listening to the Beatles. Every Saturday morning, at approximately 10 a.m., my dad would start playing the Past Masters album and the music would continue playing until we were finished our chores for the day. (Who knew you could have such great memories of cleaning the house?)

If your dad or husband is a music lover, using "classic rock" as a party theme for either a Father's Day or a birthday party is a great way to play to his interests, and I'm sure he'll appreciate your thoughtfulness in the matter.

Classic Rock Party

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