June 5, 2009

Attention Budget Brides:

Bargain shopping brides: mark your calendars! Filene’s Basement has scheduled several Running of the Brides events for this summer in places like Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Boston. If you haven’t heard of The Running of the Brides events, let me fill you in on what all the fuss is about.

Filene’s Basement receives a whole stock of wedding gowns from top designers and then sells them during these one-day events for a fraction of the regular retail price. Brides-to-be from all over the region attend with their entourages, often lining the storefront hours before the event is set to begin. Then when the doors open, much like the running of the bulls (hence the name), the brides spring forward to find their dream gowns.

I can tell you from experience that things are pretty chaotic and competitive, and I would wager that it will only be more wild this year with the state of our economy.

The only downside is that the gowns are not returnable—but such is the case with most bridal boutiques. My friend and I found a great Demetrios gown at the sale we attended (we showed up an hour after the event started and found things to be much more relaxed than what they show on TV) and I bought it to be on the safe side. I “liked” it and I knew it wouldn’t be available after the day of the sale. A month later I realized that I was not a “princess bride” and would have much rather purchased a simple slipdress. Thus, I became a 2-dress bride and that beautiful Demetrios gown still sits in my closet, never having known the greatness of its very own big day.

That being said, many brides do find their dream dress at the Filene’s sale. If you live nearby one of the sale locations, I encourage you to attend. It may be a sea of dresses to swim through, but if successful in your search, you’ll get your gown at a great sale price.

For more information about Running of the Brides events, be sure to visit the Filene’s Basement Web site.

Me in my dream dress
Photos by Michael Miller Photography