June 30, 2009

Color Trend: Lavender & Lilac

My husband and I just purchased this Martha Stewart Bloomery rug* in lilac for our new home, and at first I was quite concerned that I was taking a too-bold step for our main living area. Thankfully, Decor 8 recently featured a few pages from talented interior designer Amanda Nisbet's online portfolio and I was happy to see that she is using lovely lavender and lilac accents in her work.

Lilac is such a soothing color and it has actually worked quite well for our color palette. Try adding a touch of this tranquil tone to your own home or office to create a peaceful, yet uplifting, atmosphere.

Color Trend: Lilac & Lavender

  • Lilac bordered calling card by Anna Griffin -- FineStationery.com
* Martha Stewart Bloomery Rug available at Macys.com.