February 3, 2010

Bringing Back Lawn Parties

The property on which we built our house used to be home to a bustling inn (see below). Vacationers would flock from places like Pennsylvania to enjoy a riverside vacation, and the inn was infamous for its fabulous lawn parties. The owners even had electricity run to a gorgeous old oak so that they could hang party lights more conveniently.

(Look closely to see the lovely vintage bathing suits!)

Unfortunately, the inn was torn down several years ago and the land sat as a vacant, overgrown lot for a time before we purchased it. This summer I hope to restore the property's lawn party tradition and do plenty of outdoor entertaining. Here is an inspiration board for a casual spring gathering:

Bringing Back the Lawn Party

  • Designate a place for guests to play bocce ball and other lawn games -- Green Wedding Shoes Blog
  • Send guests a simple written note on a nice piece of stationery inviting them over for an afternoon of fun -- FineStationery.com
  • Set up a cozy but casual outdoor space near the garden and string curtains between poles for a nice backdrop and added privacy -- Better Homes and Gardens