March 1, 2010

Books for Baby

Instead of sending a greeting card with a baby shower gift, consider simply using a gift tag and enclosing a signed children's book. The book can be a personal favorite of yours, a classic or simply one that you think will match the baby-to-be's nursery theme. You can still write a nice note inside and the baby will always be able to read your well wishes down the road (and may even save the book to read to his/her own children one day).

Toy Boat via Penguin

(We received "Toy Boat" for our little one because the giver knew I was working on a sailboat themed nursery for our darling boy. It has become my first-born's favorite book to read before bed and the illustrations are really beautiful! We both treasure it!)

Kim, our wonderful Human Resources Manager, forwarded me this book idea after she received a baby shower invitation requesting books in the place of cards. On the back of the invitation, alongside the directions, she found the following rhyme:

Although cards are nice, they are read once or twice;
but a book signed by you, will be read for years through!
Instead of a card attached to your gift, please consider a book for Baby Smith.

What is your favorite children's book? Would you consider giving a book in the place of a greeting card at a shower?