March 26, 2010

Open House!

Have you ever wondered about the spaces your favorite bloggers work in? I do! I wonder what surrounds them, and how their space might inspire their posts.

With that in mind, I thought I might give you a glimpse into my workspace, which also serves as my home!

As you may remember, my little family moved into our first house last summer. It’s been nearly a year and we still do not have all the pictures on the wall, but thanks to a sudden surge of pregnancy nesting (and a wonderful husband with an ever-growing honey-do list) we're finally starting to get things together. Welcome to our home! We call it The River Cottage.

The Living Room:

Kitchen & Dining:

Our Son's Room:

(I was pregnant with our little guy when we took a trip to Alaska-- we thought it would be neat to incorporate a few photos from our trip into his space since he was "technically" there, too!)

*The window invitation above would be great for an open house or housewarming party, or simply use it as a moving announcement. You can find it at