May 20, 2010

Casablanca, Morocco Inspired Wedding

{Leave the passport at home and invite as many guests as you’d like – It’s a non-destination “destination” wedding! Take inspiration from the culture of a far off land and infuse it into your wedding plans. Your guests are sure to feel as if they’ve traveled across seas to be with you as you say your vows. Choose a destination that inspires you, or one you and your partner have visited. Or, simply choose a place that you’ve always dreamed of exploring and learning about. Take cues from the scenery, cuisine and atmosphere in order to create the feeling of a true destination wedding. Today’s post is the second -- read the first here -- in a series of three non-destination “destination” weddings.}

Casablanca, in western Morocco, is rich in culture and beauty. It is also a bustling city, and considered to be the economic and business center of Morocco. Many people know Casablanca from the 1942 film starring dapper Humphrey Bogart and beautiful Ingrid Bergman. Casablanca, Morocco serves as great inspiration for wedding style. Create an event that shines with gold and jewel tones and is exquisitely lavish.

Moroccan Inspired Wedding

  • For favors that look gorgeous and smell wonderful, wrap scented candles in organza and attach a few beads or jewels as an accent -- Brides

  • Choose flowers that are warm and bright in color -- The Knot

  • Ask the baker to decorate your wedding cake with detailing that resembles the art of henna -- The Knot

  • This rich chocolate brown invitation engraved with gold patterns is the perfect choice in wedding stationery --

  • Lay beautifully detailed scarves on the chairs in your ceremony space for guests to use throughout the evening -- World Market

  • Groupings of candles bring warm light to the space and create ambiance -- Brides

  • As an appetizer, serve a Moroccan dish like lamb tagine with prune sauce -- Martha Stewart

  • The intricate patterns on metal and glass lanterns make them a unique centerpiece -- Imports from Marrakesh Ltd.

  • Dress the bride in a flowing white gown and add details like gold bracelets or a pretty gold necklace with colored gemstones -- and Anthropologie

Image of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca via Flickr