June 21, 2010

B is for...

Baby’s name! Although my husband and I do not have any children, we know many people who do have kids, or are about to become parents. Finding out what our friends decide to name their babies is so special. To choose a name must be very exciting and sometimes difficult. A decision so important should be celebrated! While you are still expecting, why not host a casual luncheon at your home and take the opportunity to announce the baby’s name to family and friends all at once? Send invitations with the first initial of the baby printed on them. Guests will start guessing from the moment they receive the invitation. For party d├ęcor, hang cut-outs of the baby’s initial, print the initial on party favors and bottles of soda, and hang onesies with the initial embroidered on them. Desserts can be embellished with cookie cut-outs showing the baby’s initial. Throughout the luncheon, have party-goers write their guesses on small pieces of paper. After lunch, the parents-to-be can read off the guesses, and then reveal their choice for the baby’s name to everyone. If anyone guessed correctly, have a prize on hand to present to them. It is sure to be a fun and laughter-filled event that the soon-to-be parents will remember for a long time!

Baby Name Announcement

Initial announcement by Checkerboard, available at FineStationery.com

Cupcakes, party table and candy cone favors via Martha Stewart

Personalized onesie via Restoration Hardware, Baby + Child