June 16, 2010

Monograms To Fit Your Style

Monograms are a unique way to show your personal style through the use of your initials. Monograms are a timeless choice for personalizing stationery. There are many styles to choose from when it comes to selecting a monogram - simple or ornate, classic or modern. As FineStationery.com offers hundreds of choices, you are sure to find a style that fits your taste. Below are some examples of the most popular monogram styles today:

Single Letter: The single letter style may not technically be a monogram, but its simplicity is quite charming. Often paired with a motif or other design element, the single letter style makes use of the first character in an individual’s first name or surname. This single letter style is shown on this Ironwork Flat Card by William Arthur.

Two Letter: A two letter style combines the first characters of an individual’s first name and surname. This style can be used when a middle name is not present, or for a more casual circumstance. This two letter style is incorporated with a design element on a Classy Square Note Card by William Arthur.

2 Letter Monogram

Three Letter: There are two variations of the three letter monogram. The most classic and widely used style is that in which the center character is larger than the left and right characters. In this style, the largest center character is the first letter in an individual’s surname. The character on the left is the first letter in her first name, and the letter on the right is the first character in her middle name. Another accepted three letter style is when all three letters are the same size. In this case, the individual’s first name is represented by the letter on the left, the middle name is represented by the letter in the center, and the surname is represented by the last letter. The first of the three letter monograms is shown on a Gray Calling Cards by William Arthur and the second of the three letter monograms is shown on a Classic White Flat Card by Crane & Co.

Married Monogram: A married monogram is a style that represents a married couple’s shared surname and individual first names. In a married monogram, the surname is represented by the largest, center letter. Traditionally, the woman’s first name is represented by the letter on the left and the man’s first name is represented by the letter on the right. This married monogram is shown on a Belles-lettres Note Card by Checkerboard.

Married Monogram

Contemporary Styles: There are many contemporary styles for monograms, changing with design aesthetics and typography choices. One style that seems to be commonly used is a four character style, in which an un-married couple represents their first and last initials. Other contemporary styles incorporate motifs, full names, addresses, business names, etc.
This Modern White Flat Card by Crane & Co displays a contemporary four character monogram.

To browse a wide selection of monograms for use on personal stationery, calling cards, save the date cards, wedding invitations and more, be sure to visit FineStationery.com. Find your favorite style and make it your signature monogram!