July 28, 2010

Beer Tasting Birthday Bash

Throwing your husband, father, boyfriend or brother a birthday party? This year, skip the balloons and cake, and opt for beer and pretzels with a Beer Tasting Birthday Bash. Perfect for the intense advocate or casual connoisseur, a beer tasting party promises to be an enjoyable evening with family and close friends.

Beer Tasting Party

Impress your guests by making homemade soft pretzels. You can make these a day in advance, and serve them with a brown ale honey mustard -- Pretzel image is a personal photo, recipe via Epicurious, mustard via Crate&Barrel

Please the palettes of party-goers with bratwurst bites dipped in beer and horseradish mustard -- Recipe via Epicurious

For simple d├ęcor, fill jars with hops, malt and barley and place them around the party space. Tall wheat arrangements wrapped with brown ribbon make perfect centerpieces -- “Hops and Malt” image by Zooomr user Jeremy, centerpieces via The Knot

A hearty bowl of cheddar beer soup is perfect for tasting between beer samples. Make a large pot and let guests serve themselves. Be sure to provide pieces of rustic bread to accompany the soup -- Recipe via Epicurious

When its time for the beer tasting, use long wooden paddles filled with small samples for each guest -- Peele Paddle

Record beer tasting notes in a handy journal. A journal like this would make a great gift for the guest of honor -- Keg Works blog

Send a die-cut beer-themed invitation in anticipation of the big party -- Invitation by Stevie Streck Designs, available at FineStationery.com

If your guest list is small, consider having a pilsner glass monogrammed for everyone. Guests can use these glasses for tasting and then take them home as a favor -- Williams-Sonoma