July 7, 2010

Relax! It's a Spa Party

Party planning can be hard work -- but it doesn't have to be with a Spa Party! Host an at-home Spa Party for your closest friends to relax and rejuvenate. The decor should be minimal and the preparation should be incredibly simple. After all, the point is to relax!

Spa Party

To get the party started, friends can decorate a pair of natural woven spa slippers with ribbons and fabric. Find the slippers at a craft store or online retailer and have a basket of ribbons, fabric swatches and glue handy -- Martha Stewart

Send each friend home with a small jar of homemade rosemary sea salt. Create the salt mix just before guests arrive so that your home smells of fresh herbs -- Martha Stewart

Invite friends to bring their favorite comfy bath robe to relax in during the festivities -- Restoration Hardware

Hire a nail professional to give manicures or pedicures to party-goers, or pair up and do one another's nails. Choose a soothing shade that will add to your relaxed state -- Essie

For another activity, whip up a homemade face mask, put your feet up, and place a cool cucumber slice over each eye -- Discovery Health

Once the pampering is done, enjoy a fresh grilled chicken, radish and cucumber salad with tarragon pesto for lunch. Sip on herb infused spa water to keep hydrated -- Salad via Epicurious, Spa Water via My Recipes

This invitation will have friends dreaming of the upcoming "day at the spa" -- Invitation by Bubbles n' bows, available at FineStationery.com

Simple shallow vases filled with smooth stones and a single flower serve as effortless decor -- The Knot