August 2, 2010

Creative Correspondance for Kids

Writing thank you notes just got a lot more fun with these adorably fun and unique stationery sets by Meri Meri. Each stationery set is housed in a colorful and durable box that opens to reveal lots of writing goodies, such as note cards, lined writing sheets, envelopes, postcards and stickers. These stationery sets make great gifts, and are sure to excite children when it’s time for written correspondence!

A pink Castle Stationery Set is fit for any pretty princess. The draw-bridge lowers to reveal writing paper, and the pink flags are actually pencils!

Princess Castle image

This cute Russian Doll Stationery Set is just like a real nesting doll, as the top folds to the side to reveal a surprise within. This set even includes three die-cut Russian Doll figures to play with!

Russian Doll image

Unwind the gears on the front of this Robot Stationery Set to find futuristic writing papers and stickers. The coolest thing about this robot is that his eyes light up and blink!

Robot image

Set sail with this Pirate Ship Stationery Set. Pull the anchor to raise the sails and find all of your swashbuckling stationery. The ship’s mast is a pencil for drawing treasure maps!

Pirate Ship image

With ten themed sets to choose from, find the stationery that is perfect for your child’s imagination!