August 18, 2010

Put On Your Lab Coat!

If your child is mad about science, then a Mad Scientist Birthday Party is the perfect solution! Create a lab atmosphere in your own home, and have plenty of experiments for kids to perform. Add to the fun by creating a simple lab coat for each party-goer. This hands-on party is sure to be scientifically super!
Mad Scientist Party

Plastic petri dishes filled with gelatin and a gummy worm can be made in advance and served between experiments -- Cookie

Fill beakers, petri dishes and test tubes with tempting treats for the little scientists -- Parents

Making slime is an easy, fun, and totally hands-on experiment that kids can take part in -- Cookie

A set of mini plastic test tubes filled with colored rock candy is a great party favor -- Parents

Head to the lab's cafeteria (otherwise known as your dining room) for "radioactive" wraps -- Cookie

Fill beakers with brightly colored juice -- Science Junkies

This invitation, complete with a boy in a lab coat and safety goggles, is a great way to announce the party to friends -- Invitation by Inviting Company, available at

Get creative with the birthday cake! Create a test tube or beaker shape and use brightly colored icing to give the illusion of a special scientific concoction inside. Cotton candy adds the look of smoke at the top of the cake -- Family Fun

Along with a lab coat, outfit each child with safety goggles as they enter the "lab" -- DIY lab coat by One Charming Party, goggles via Amazon