September 2, 2010

Rustic Rehearsal Dinner: The Perfect "Pear"

Celebrate the perfect "pear" with a rustic rehearsal dinner this autumn. Pears are in season from late summer through winter, which makes them the perfect fall fruit. Put a spin on the phrase, "the perfect pair" by using the fruit as inspiration when honoring the bride and groom as a "pear" on the eve of their wedding.
The Perfect Pair Rehearsal Dinner

Create centerpieces by filling antique vessels with pears, and scattering pears on tables. For a rustic look, use aged wood tables in the party space -- Purely Pleasant

A simple invitation in cream and pale green colors is perfect for this event -- Invitation by Prentiss Douthit, available at

Serve a leafy salad with pear slices and gorgonzola to guests -- Country Living (slide 17)

For dessert, a warm pear torte is the perfect rustic treat -- Rustic Cookin'

As the perfect pair, the bride and groom's outfits should complement one another. For the bride, an autumnal wool dress will do. The groom will look handsome in a green and brown tie -- J.Crew

A pear cocktail looks pretty with a pear slice on the edge of the glass and is perfect for toasting -- Weddingbycolor

Small pouches of tiny pears tied up with a gold ribbon make great favors for guests. Create tags that have the wedding date on them for an added touch -- Martha Stewart

Small sugared pears are a wonderfully sweet treat along with the dessert torte. Fill small bowls with them and leave them out on tables for guests to savor -- Martha Stewart

As another idea for the bar, pear rosemary cocktails are refreshing. Try the Pear Sparkler as the bride's cocktail and the Pear-Rosemary Cocktail as the groom's drink -- Martha Stewart