October 28, 2010

Reader Request: A Couple's Shower

Invitation by Mindy Weiss for Inviting Company, available at FineStationery.com

One of our readers, Maggie of Black and White {Side by Side} blog, is planning a Couple's Shower in late November for a couple to be wed this December. She is looking for a little inspiration, but mentioned that the event will be low key and she is thinking of Christmas decorations as a theme for gifts. Since the shower will be held right around the time of year when the holidays are getting into full swing, I suggest running with a red and green color scheme. Maggie, here are some ideas for the Couple's Shower -- I hope they are inspiring!

Dessert:  Instead of trying to prepare a big dinner for everyone, why not serve sweet treats instead? The great thing about desserts is that most of them can be prepared in advance, and you don't need to worry about keeping them hot. To be extra festive, choose a theme for desserts, like red and green or peppermint goodies. Here are a few ideas...

Peppermint Bark via Martha Stewart, Candy Cane Cake via MyRecipes,
Candy Cane Mint Milanos via Hostess with the Mostess, Green candy display via Amy Atlas

Cocktails:  Since this is a Couple's Shower, serve "His" and "Hers" cocktails -- green and red, of course!

"His" cocktail (green) via About.com, "Hers" cocktail (red) via Martha Stewart

Activities:  Here are several ideas for a holiday-inspired Couple's Shower...

- Hang "His" and "Hers" stockings in the party space. Ask guests to bring a small item for the "His" stocking (tools, for example) and a small item for the "Hers" stocking (kitchen gadgets, for example.) At the end of the shower, the couple can take the filled stockings home with them -- Stockings via Hostess with the Mostess

- Have a basket full of red flowers (real or fabric -- like the flowers featured on your tutorial) and green flowers by the entrance. As guests arrive, have them pin on a green flowers if they knew the groom first, or a red flower if they met the bride first. This is a great conversation starter for those guests that have not yet met one another.

- Place a basket of ornaments on a table, along with small tags or slips of cardstock that have a hole punched in the corner. A basket of ribbons and pens should sit near the ornaments. Have each guest write a wish to the bride and groom on the tag, and then string it together with an ornament. Finished ornaments can be hung on a tree or placed back in the basket. The bride and groom will then have a set of thoughtful ornaments to hang on their first Christmas tree together. This is a great activity to do while the couple opens gifts.

Gifts:  If you'd like guests to bring a Christmas decoration for the bride and groom, be sure to specify their design taste. For example, "Please bring a modern + chic holiday decoration for the Bride & Groom" or, "Please bring along a vintage-inspired holiday decoration for the Bride & Groom".