October 18, 2010

You Made It! A Reader's DIY Project

One of our fantastic readers, Jennie, was so inspired by the post on reusable Halloween totes, that she created her own treat bags for kids! She sewed pieces of stiff felt in several colors (including glittered felt) together using embroidery floss to create the bag shapes. Once the bags were created, Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive was used to attach foam die-cut shapes. Chunky yarn makes a durable handle for the bags. Wa-la! Easy, one-of-a-kind and reusable Halloween totes! Aren't they great? The Finer Things thinks so!
The front of one bag features a glittery witch's hat, while the front of the other bag features a haunted house.

The back of each bag is adorned with a ghost, pumpkin, and glittery "Boo" die-cut.

Great job, Jennie! Thank you for sharing your DIY project with us, and happy trick-or-treating!