November 4, 2010

Happy 150th, Pony Express!

{The Finer Things is taking a little break from weddings this Thursday to bring you an interesting history lesson, but we'll be back tomorrow with a gorgeous wedding post!}

William Arthur's wonderful blog posted {this} today, and I am so glad they did! 2010 marks the 150th anniversary of The Pony Express -- a mail service that crossed the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, bringing letters by horseback to eager recipients. How neat would it be to finally hold a letter in your hands after it traveled approximately 2,000 miles with various couriers on horseback?

Here are a few interesting tid-bits about The Pony Express that William Arthur shared on their blog:

- The pay for riders was $100.00 a month.
- New riders took over every 75-100 miles in a relay.
- Riders got a fresh horse every 15 miles.
- Horses traveled only 10 mph.
- The Pony Express ran day and night, summer and winter.

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William Arthur's blog pointed out a job advertisement that ran in a California newspaper, which is quite interesting!

Would you have signed up to work with The Pony Express? I'd have to think twice about it!

Thank you, William Arthur, for posting this interesting read! As the holiday season is upon us, and greetings will be filling our mailboxes, let's be thankful for our speedy and efficient postal service!