November 10, 2010

A Personal Thanksgiving

Put the "thanks" back into Thanksgiving this year with a very personalized holiday feast. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family and close friends, love, health, laughter and fun. Adding personal touches to your Thanksgiving will bring happiness to the hearts of those you hold dear. Here are a few ideas for personalizing your party:

Collect your own, or ask guests to send you copies of their most cherished photos. Photos can reflect events that occurred during the last year (weddings, babies, parties, milestones), or can be portraits of past and present family members and friends. Arrange the photos in frames, or loosely stand them up amidst a fruit or floral display as your Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Table conversation is sure to center around these memories -- Country Living (slide 12)

For decor on the table, mantle or staircase, secure tiny slips of paper printed with things you are thankful for to a long string or piece of twine -- Southern Living

If your Thanksgiving dinner is intimate, consider sending handwritten notes to guests, inviting them to your home. Later, don't forget to send thank you notes to those who were in attendance -- Notecard by ChloĆ« B., available at

Personalize each cloth napkin with the guests name using a safe paint pen. If you're using paper napkins, consider wrapping pieces of monogrammed cardstock around them as napkin rings -- Country Living (slide 13)

Leftovers are always abundant, so why not share? Send each guest or family home with a box of leftovers. Wrap a simple ribbon around the box with a tag bearing the guest's name -- Southern Living

Place a single bloom at each place setting. Encourage guests to take their flower home with them at the end of the dinner -- Better Homes & Gardens

Wrap thin strips of paper around water goblets, printed with a special memory or reason why you are thankful this year -- Country Living (slide 3)