November 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Cupcakes to Gobble Up

While the grown-ups sit down to pumpkin pie and coffee after the Thanksgiving feast, kids will have more fun gobbling up these cute turkey cupcakes.


  • Nutter Butter cookies (1 for each cupcake)
  • Double Stuffed Oreos (1 for each cupcake)
  • Chocolate cupcakes, baked and cooled
  • Chocolate frosting
  • 1 tube red or orange icing
  • 1 tube yellow icing
  • 1 tube black icing
  • Candy corn (8 pieces for each cupcake)
  • 1 sheet brown cardstock
  • 1/2 sheet yellow cardstock
  • Glue
  • Tape


Bake and frost the chocolate cupcakes.

Cut a strip of brown cardstock (1 strip for each cupcake) about 1.25 inches wide by 10 inches long. This will wrap around the cupcake to form the turkey's body.

Cut 2 turkey feet for each cupcake from the yellow cardstock. To do this, cut legs about 1 inch tall with a triangle at the end. Then, cut out 2 smaller triangles from the triangle base. Glue the legs with feet to the brown base.

Wrap the base around the cupcake, taping it into place.

Push 8 pieces of candy corn into the Oreo, fanning out over 2/3 of the Oreo.

Add a beak, eyes and a gobbler to the Nutter Butter cookie with the colored icings.

Press the decorated Nutter Butter cookie into the frosting on top of the cupcake with the Oreo behind it.

Craft and images via Amazing Moms