April 14, 2011

Paper Bunnies for Place Settings

There are so many creative people here at FineStationery.com -- it amazes me to see what my Fine Family is coming up with each day! Alisha (one of our talented Graphics Production Specialists) was so inspired by a post she saw on the How About Orange blog that she had to start folding paper to create her own origami bunnies! Jennie (our Senior Merchandising Specialist) is a huge fan of origami, so she joined in on the fun. Before we knew it, there was a whole row of little paper bunnies! Aren't they cute? We thought they would make a nice addition to any Easter place setting when filled with paper grass and candy! For a tutorial, check out How About Orange.

Alisha is also a very talented photographer, and offered to shoot these photos of the origami bunnies -- thank you, Alisha! They look adorable!