May 16, 2011

Yellow & Black Birthday Party

Styling a birthday party for a teen can be tricky -- it shouldn't come across as too young, but shouldn't be ultra mature, either. Sticking to a bold and fun color palette is probably best, and you can always incorporate patterns for fun. Here is a bit of inspiration for a yellow and black birthday party:
Yellow and Black Birthday

Teens will go crazy for a candy buffet! Choose candies in coordinating colors -- Amorology Weddings

Accent a cake with lemon slices to add color and flavor -- Martha Stewart

Serve lemonade in large drink dispensers -- Kara's Party Ideas

Mini cupcakes adorned with the birthday girl's initial make a great accent on the cake table. Choose vanilla for the cake, and chocolate for the mini cupcakes -- The Knot

A fun and bright party dress will look great on the birthday girl -- Delia's

Choose a bold invitation in the color palette of your party -- Invitation by Inviting Co., available at