December 19, 2011

Exciting News for The Finer Things!

Some of our long time readers will remember Jess, who wrote this blog before handing The Finer Things torch over to me in April of 2010. Jess took some time to welcome her second beautiful baby into the world, and has been a very busy mama since then! Her posts were inspiring and fun, and all of us here at have missed her lovely voice on the blog. That brings me to some very exciting news...

Today, it is my great pleasure to welcome Jess back to The Finer Things blog! Starting today, you'll start to see a few posts written by Jess, and perhaps some great collaborations between Jess and myself. I'm really excited about all the great ideas and themes that Jess has in store for you!

Jess and I have some great things planned for The Finer Things, and we hope you'll come along for the ride! Be sure to check back later today for a cute nursery theme that Jess will be sharing!