December 30, 2011

So long, 2011! Welcome, 2012!

How are you spending the last few days of 2011? Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing to celebrate, we wish you lots of fun and joy! Here are a two last minute ways to celebrate...

As a Family
Gather together to create a family journal or photo album. Designate a page in the journal or album for each month. Ask each family member to reminisce and write down their favorite memories from the year. Include fun photos, clippings from newspapers or magazine, ticket stubs from events, or other trinkets. The album will be a great keepsake to hold on to and look through at the end of next year!

With Friends
Ask your closest friends to join together for a New Year's Eve party. For fun, put each person's name in a hat, and have each friend draw a name. Without revealing the name you chose, write a prediction (it can be serious or funny) for that friend in the coming year. Once everyone is done, throw all the predictions back into the hat. Passing the hat around, have each person read one prediction out loud until they are all read. It's sure to be fun, and makes a great party game!

Image via Martha Stewart