January 9, 2012

A Lovely Holiday Card

I have a confession: I did not send out Christmas cards this year. I know, I know. I work for a stationery company-- how could I? But between making design decisions for our new house, doing Santa’s shopping and going to prenatal appointments, I just couldn’t find the time! (Can you relate?)

I thought maybe I could sneak by unnoticed, but since becoming parents, our family and far-away-friends actually anticipate receiving our Holiday card. In fact, my great-aunt Lula remarked that in this digital age, our Holiday card is the one time of year she gets to see a printed photo of my children.

Since we missed the boat for the Holidays, I thought it would be neat to send out a photo card for Valentine’s Day instead. What better day to send our love to our friends and family? Here are a few cards available at FineStationery.com that I am considering: