February 20, 2012

Family Garden Party for Spring

Planning a fresh spring fĂȘte is the perfect remedy for restless winter days. Join me as we dream up a delightful family-oriented garden party where guests dress in the casual code of a bygone era, the fathers compete in a friendly game of lawn tennis, their wives converse while sipping lemonade and the refreshment tables overflow with decadent desserts and flamboyant floral arrangements.

Family Garden Party

  • Hire a string quartet to provide a soothing musical backdrop to your event-- Edyta Photography
  • Organize a dance lesson for your guests and encourage the children to participate -- Martha Stewart
  • Serve freshly squeezed lemonade -- Delish.com
  • Encourage guests to take a stroll through the garden or along a woodland path -- TaylorsScarletThread
  • Invite guests with this cheery yellow and white invitation by William Arthur -- Available at FineStationery.com
  • Set up a tennis court on your lawn complete with vintage wooden racquets for guests to play at their leisure -- InsideSoCal
  • Set up a decadent dessert table filled with sweets and sugared fruit -- New Jersey Bride