March 21, 2012

Celebrating Spring

Gather your closest friends to celebrate the return of warm weather and sunny days with a casual spring luncheon. Choose a pretty palette of bright pinks, reds and oranges and add accents of gold that mimic the shining sun.

Create a refreshing rose punch in advance so that it's ready to serve at the arrival of your first guest -- Martha Stewart

Keep the food light by serving mini portions of salads (like this Greek salad) or small finger sandwiches --- Martha Stewart

Dress in your favorite spring outfit and add fun accessories like pink and gold wedges or a flower bracelet -- Wedges by kate spade, Bracelet by J.Crew

Use linen napkins in an array of colors and add flair by using gold fabric paint to create polka-dots. Tulips will make a beautiful centerpiece -- Design Mom

Use tiny green votives to hold single tulip bulbs. Add an origami flower and leaf printed with each guest's name for a memorable favor -- Martha Stewart

Since your event will be casual, use your own personalized stationery to hand write the invitations -- Crane & Co., available at