March 1, 2012

Ideas for Saying Farewell

When a friend of family member moves away for a new job, a marriage, or simply to experience a different city, it's never easy to say goodbye. You can help to make the bittersweet move just a little easier on your friend by hosting a low-key farewell luncheon. Invite close friends or family members to celebrate the new chapter in your friend's life. Remember to keep the luncheon simple, as moving preparations can be overwhelming for some people. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

- For fun, choose themed foods that represent their current home state and their new place of residence. For example, if your friend is leaving Philadelphia for Texas, serve mini cheesesteaks and BBQ sliders. Or, choose to have your friend's favorite local restaurant cater your event.

- Use maps of your friend's new city to wrap vases of flowers or candles. Place these on the table for a fun centerpiece.

- Ask guests to send a photo of themselves with the guest of honor to you in advance so that you can create a small photobook. At the party, have each guest sign their well wishes by their photo.

- Create a trivia game with questions about your friend's new city or state to help them feel better acquainted with their new surroundings.

- Present a meaningful gift to your friend, like handmade map coasters to represent their old hometown and new hometown, a state-shaped cutting board to use in their new home, or a set of note cards to send updates after the move.