April 18, 2012

Graduation Party Ideas for Medical Professionals

Ditch the cap and diploma decorations and celebrate the graduation of a new doctor or nurse with a party that highlights their field of study. The new graduate is sure to get a kick out of a themed party, all while being honored for their hard work and commitment.


Choose an invitation that reflects their degree, like this Gold Caduceus Invitation
by Noteworthy Collection -- FineStationery.com

Bake heart shaped cookies to symbolize the care that the new doctor will
give to his future patients -- I Am Baker

Bubble gum band-aids, Tiny candy "blood" bags and pill pouches filled with
jelly beans and chocolate make great additions to the dessert table -- Band aid gum
and candy blood bags via Sweets Indeed, Candy pill pouches via Oh Amanda

Have your local baker or a friend create a one of a kind cake that shows of the
tools of the trade -- Sweets Indeed