April 4, 2012

No-Dye Easter Eggs

This Easter, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend will be visiting my husband and I. The other day, I brought up the idea of dying Easter eggs -- something we all haven't done since I was a kid. My husband and I quickly remembered that the dye and vinegar smell can sometimes be too overwhelming, so I started looking for other ways to decorate Easter eggs. I was happy to find that there are many ways to creatively decorate eggs -- and most of them don't require dyes of any kind! Here is a collection of my favorite methods:
Glittered Eggs:  Place craft-store glue dots on the eggs and then roll them in fine glitter.
Washi Tape Eggs:  Use washi tape in assorted colors to decorate the eggs.
Kool-Aid Eggs:  Instead of dye and vinegar, use Kool-Aid to color eggs.
D├ęcoupage Eggs:  Use this method to create beautiful designs on your eggs.
Doodle Eggs:  Use a Sharpie marker to carefully doodle all over your Easter eggs.

How do you plan to decorate Easter eggs this year?