June 14, 2012

Pretty Post

Recently my husband and I have been shopping for furniture for our new home. As we browse through the antique shops, I can’t help but run my hand across the detail of the woodwork—the exquisite workmanship of a craftsman who carved rough hewn lumber into something detailed, smooth and beautiful. Engraved stationery has the same effect for me. I love running my fingertips along the front and back of an engraved piece of stationery—knowing that a true craftsman carefully oversees the etching of the copper plate and the printing process. Raised on the front and "bruised" or indented on the back-- engraved stationery is truly a work of art!

The copper plate used for engraving is a really neat memento in itself—with an air of refined elegance all its own. It can be used again and again for engraving stationery, or if you have your wedding invitations engraved, consider framing the plate or placing it in a decorative shadow box tray so that it will always be a decorative piece and unique conversation starter in your home. 

If you are interested in learning more about engraving and the other printing processes, be sure to watch this informative YouTube video from Crane & Co. -- one of the oldest printing and stationery manufacturers in the U.S., and one of FineStationery.com's top-selling brands.  (Interesting fact, Crane & Co. makes all of its stationery from 100% cotton and has supplied the United States Treasury with its currency paper since 1879!)

*Engraving images and video used with permission from Crane & Co.