June 13, 2012

Wedding Fashion Changes - Do or Don't?

This weekend I'll be attending a family wedding. The ceremony is going to take place on the beach, where sand, wind and warm temps will all be factors. The bride has given her "ok" for guests to wear casual attire to the ceremony, but prefers that the reception be semi-formal. Many guests will sport sundresses and sandals on the beach,  and change into a more formal look for the rest of the festivities (cocktail dresses, heels, suits, etc.) I'm happy to change up my look and have the chance to wear two fun dresses. Have you been to a wedding with this scenario? What are your thoughts?
Casual Ceremony Look & Dressy Reception Look (dress, heels, bracelet)

As a bride, would you ever consider changing out of your floor-length ballgown into a glamorous cocktail
dress for your reception? We'd love to know!